Develop a growth strategy based on current and prospective market studies.


Our client, a listed real estate company, has very positive indicators in a dynamic market. Fully aware of the effects of cycles in the economy and real estate, their General Management entrusted us with a growth strategy mission for their main activity (office real estate in the Ile-de-France region).


After conducting numerous internal (Management Board) and external (clients and typical leads) interviews, backed up with current and forecasting market studies, we summarized the main threats to our client’s activity, particularly in terms of client positioning, value chain and competition along regulatory, legal, economic and financial lines.


In close cooperation with our client, we have developed a growth strategy focusing on 4 key activities, including (i) launching an internal pilot for an operator and sandwich leasing activity and (ii) launching a strategy for regulatory leverage. Details remain confidential and the first operational results are ongoing.