Elaborate a trends analysis based on unprecedented international real estate initiatives.


Faced with an increasingly stronger competition, our client, a French leader in the real estate development market (housing, office and mixed), seeks to strengthen its digital positioning to better serve their collaborators and clients. The innovation management team entrusted Stonup with a strategic trend-watch mission to help the Group develop a short-term digital roadmap.


Following a collaborative workshop with the client to define the research perimeter, we set up an array of about twenty significant trends to be analysed in detail. We were able to bring our specific knowledge of remarkable international real estate initiatives (ICT, digital tools, construction, urban planning, etc.).


We have consolidated the results of this study in a trend analysis booklet, in a format that is easy to read and share internally. Each theme has been examined based on concrete and outstanding solutions, coupled with a detailed assessment of its operational impacts in the property development chain.