Stonup is the firststrategy consultancy dedicated to thereal estate players.

In addition to their business strategy expertise, Stonup has developed a unique know-how in impactful and innovative real estate topics.

Our clients

Stonup is geared towards companies reflecting upon current transformations and wishing, when appropriate, to define and develop a strategy to address them.

Our clients master all aspects of real estate (construction, development, investments, services, etc.) over a large variety of assets (residential, office, retail, logistic, etc.), in France and Europe.

Client Portfolio

Our Activities


and forecasting

What is the meaning of what is currently emerging?

With numerous initiatives, startups and innovations, it can be difficult to identify the potential impact of current changes.

Stonup Consulting helps their clients understand market evolutions, by relying on an intensive global trend-watch and analysing market signals in sociological, legal, economic and financial terms. Our goal: to identify outstanding initiatives and analyse fundamental trends that will greatly impact the strategic activities of our clients in the short, medium and long term.

External growth operations (acquisitions, repurchasing) are driven by Stonup Capital teams.



What kind of vision for my company?

The acceleration of economic rhythms and the growth of innovation in real estate require the formulation of new development strategies for most of the players in the industry. Whether to benefit highly growing markets or to counteract the loss of added value in their traditional activities, CEOs’ responsibilities have never been so crucial.

In a time of immediacy, Stonup accompanies each of their clients to provide them with hindsight on their activities and markets addressed, to get a clear, differentiating strategy tailored to their respective identities.


and digitalization

How to bring my vision to life?

The success of a plan is extremely concrete: whether at organization, processes or identity level, a change in strategy is achieved through high operational stakes. Our consultants are highly experienced in driving change, particularly in the implementation of digitalization plans.

These missions are closely linked to strategic considerations, and our teams work with the Agile method to provide maximal speed of execution.

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