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Our mission

Stonup Capital is the first European investment fund dedicated to PropTech startups. Real estate is comprised of many markets, and most of them experience profound changes. These past few years, many players have emerged; more and more reaching maturity levels that require financial support to match their ambitions: that is why we created Stonup Capital.

We accompany solutions that develop a strong impact on traditional business models or create new economical paradigms, whether they result in significant cost reduction, revenue or value growth, or increase flexibility in financing and transferring properties.

Stonup Capital’s investments targets can address all types (residential, office, retail, logistic, etc.) and all trades (construction processes, development, ownership, services, etc.)

We work with companies based in Europe (including the United Kingdom) that potentially target all destination markets, provided these are large enough.

Be visible to corporate leaders

Thanks to our preferred access to the top-level management of major players in the European real estate industry, we provide you with unique visibility to develop your activity in an exclusive manner.

As advocates of open innovation, we are strongly convinced of the opportunities deriving from the cooperation between traditional players and newcomers. Our goal: to accelerate the growth of real estate startups while helping them to create sustainable innovations.

Finance your development

When you get listed with Stonup Capital, you gain access to potential financing opportunities.

We are particularly interested in fund raising for A or B series, startups with a strong founding team, a clearly defined economic model and whose market reaches a certain size. Is this your case? Please introduce your startup through the form below.

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